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Reserves are amounts set aside out of profits earned by a company and constitute part of __________fund.

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 In business, __________ refers to the process of allocating funds to meet the needs of your business. 

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Bank reconciliation is the process of making the balance on the bank column of a cash book to _____with the balance on the bank statement received from the bank. 

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Utility is the satisfaction derived from consuming a particular product or accepting a service.

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Accounting is a discipline involved with the recording, classification and _______of financial information for both trading and non-trading organisations.

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Accounting report is _______ if it is easy to change, adjust and adaptable to suit different kinds of users. 

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Accounting is used to ________the financial performance of an organisation

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Every business organisation is expected to keep its __________accurately and in an orderly manner. 

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 Accounting makes use of _______financial data in forecasting future performance and financial position of different organisations.

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Auditing is an ______examination of the books of accounts, records and financial statement of an organisation by an independent person called an auditor.

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Accounting should include enough facts and _____to satisfy the need of the users. 

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Without the accountants, financial statements will not make any ______to many people. 

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Financial accounting is also used to determine the _________of an organisation which shows the company's assets and liabilities at a particular date.

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 Accounting as a form of knowledge and profession consist of different branches except...................

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Financial accounting is prepared on ___________

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Shareholders are the _______of a company and they are interested in the performance of the company

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The maintenance and recording of the books of accounts in a _____manner similar to procedures in a laboratory make accounting a science. 

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 Accounting consists of the process in designing and operating an efficient accounting information system for collection, recording, measuring, summarising, analysing and __________the results of financial transactions for a particular period to users of financial information for them to make informed decisions. 

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The government is interested in accounting information to determine the company income tax to be paid, _______with government rules and regulations governing the operation of the business. 

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In accounting permanent records should be created whereby both the ______and the owner can have access to present and past events. 

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For financial statements to make meaning to many people, one of the following must be prepared by an accountant. 

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Sales represents total of all credit and cash sales made to a ___________

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Business documents that confirm the occurrence of financial transaction between two or more parties are called.......

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The earliest known originator of book keeping system was ................

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Ability to trace all accounting transactions in a report to the source documents is important for ________to be realised.

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Accounting report should be prepared in a way that allows for quick and easy ________from one period to another. 

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 Accounting is a ________because is a means of communicating business information.

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 Good accounting information should be ...........to the purpose for which it is prepared.

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Accounting is a _________because it follows a systematic and organised body of knowledge.

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One of the following is not a direct user of accounting information

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Accounting requires the acquisition of a specialized knowledge over a given period of time which involves the combination of_________

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Cost accounting helps organisation in controlling and _______their costs.

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The total of goods returned to supplier from the purchases returns day book is transferred to the ............of the returns outwards account.

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Accounting is a ________because it is also based on some fundamental principles which are applicable worldwide. 

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The sole proprietorship business  is also referred to as a __________

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 The left side of a cash book is called_____________________

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 Accounting does not have ________ products that can be bought and sold like the manufacturing companies.

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Which of the following is not a nature of accounting? 


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To find out the cost of goods produced or services rendered in an organisation we need...............

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Management accounting is a branch of accounting that uses different _______analysis tools to project for the future of an organisation.

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To investigate the adequacy of tax paid by organisations, government engages the services of.......... 

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The external auditing service provided by ________is to ensure that complete and reliable financial statements are published or released to the public.  

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To safeguard the assets of an organisation, an Accountant employs one of the following.............

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The acquisition of key business information that includes income, expenditure, profit, assets and liabilities are made available from ____________ prepared by accountants. 

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The beginning of accounting was _______

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The owner of the business is referred to as an  ___________

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The accounting report should be ...........enough to give the user full information with which decision could be reached.

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When liabilities value reduces, the liabilities account should be___________.

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The owner of a business is referred to as __________

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Financial accounting is also used to determine the ..........of an organisation 

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