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A. Program files are files that store sets of instructions written in a ___________ language.

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B. A workstation is so much  like a PC except that it is more powerful and has more capabilities for handling _______ and graphics-processing than a PC.

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C. Data ___________ means the presence of duplicate data in multiple data files and often in different format.

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D. A data ____________ language is the component of a database management system that defines each data as it appears in the database.

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E. A ______ is a mid-range, multi-purpose computer, about the size of an office desk produced by a number of manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett Packard

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F. _______ led to the creation of the first personal computer.

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G. _________ file organization is a type of file organization, data records are normally stored in ascending order of key field.

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H. ______ operation allows  data or instructions to be captured electronically orentered by means of the available input device.

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I. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for __________

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J. TPS stands for ________ processing system

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K. A ______ computer is the largest and relatively most powerful computer, a powerhouse with large storage and very rapid processing power and speed.

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L. __________ printer produce images by pushing electrically heated pins against special heat sensitive paper.

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M. The extension for a microsoft word document is ________

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N. A __________ is a collection of data stored in a standardized format, designed to be shared by multiple users.

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O. ______ generation computers use microprocessor chips, which are large-scale integrated circuits containing thousands of transistors.

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P. A ________ is the set of tracks at a given radius of a disk pack.

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Q. Bits of data (0 s and 1 s) are stored on circular magnetic platters called ________

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R. A _________ system keeps tracks of the money paid to employees.

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S. _______ computer is used for very large amount of business, scientific and engineering, military data.

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T. The computer processes data by performing the following except ________

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U. A/An ______ computer represents a datum as a sequence of symbols drawn from a fixed alphabet.

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V. The extension for a text file is __________

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W. ____________ file is a collection of records that are relatively permanent records that are updated periodically.

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X. A ____________ is a data storage medium that is composed of a disk of thin, flexible magnetic storage medium encased in a square or rectangular piece of mylar plastic.

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Y. ______ generation of computer relied on punched cards for input and printouts for output.

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Z. One important reason a computer needs ROM is so that it knows what to do when the power is first turned on.

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AA. A ___________ system refers to a collection of compatible hardware and software required to exchange information from one location to another.

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AB. A __________ is collection of data or information that has a name called the filename.

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AC. Early attempts at manufacturing computers used analog techniques, but accuracy, speed and reliability were not very acceptable.

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AD. _________ files refers to document files, contain data, not programs.

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AE. A ___________ is the smallest addressable unit in a disk.

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AF. _______ brought the fourth generation of computers, as thousands of integrated circuits were built onto a single silicon chip.

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AG. The extension for a microsoft excel file is ________

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AH. _______ generation computers were very expensive to operate and maintain.

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AI. __________ generation computing devices, based on artificial intelligence, are still in development.

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AJ. __________ time is the amount of time between when the CPU requests a file and when the first byte of the file is sent to the CPU.

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AK. _________ is the rate at which information can be read from or written to the storage of a computer.

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AL. An/A ______ computer represents a datum as a voltage, distance, position, or other physical quantity.

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AM. _________ file organization is a method of file organization where records are not arranged in any specific order.

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AN. _________ processing is a method of data processing, in which transaction data such as data from time card is collected over a period for payroll processing, and then processed all at once as a batch to update the master file.

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AO. The use of parallel processing and superconductors is not helping to make artificial intelligence a reality.

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AP. A _______ is highly sophisticated and powerful machine that is used for tasks requiring rapid and complex calculations with hundreds of thousands of variable factors.

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AQ. Microcomputers are sometimes referred to as _______ computers .

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_________ processing is a method of processing that allows transactions to be entered directly to the system via terminals, PCs or workstations as they take place thereby updating the
master file immediately as the transactions occur.

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AS. Program-data dependence is a problem of ________ file system

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AT. Using a computer in business does not increase the productivity of staff in general

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_________ systems are systems designed to deal with dynamic situations in order to control a critical operation such as an airline reservation system which must be continually
updated as events occur.

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AV. __________ file organization is a type of technique of file organization that uses both the sequential and direct access methods.

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AW. A data _____________ language is a language associated with a database management system that is employed by end users and programmers to manipulate data in the database.

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AX. __________ refers to the process of transmitting data /information from a source via a telecommunications system in coded forms to a destination for the purpose of interchanging details of business transaction.

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AY. Using a computer in business leads to improved customer relations due to its reliability, generation of more timely reports, and speedier responses to enquiries regarding business operations

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AZ. _________ file refers to a collection of transaction records.

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