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Criminal justice
administration involves the
courts, police and ________

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Stake in conformity' as a
cause of crime was
propounded by___

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It can be deduced from the
definition of the
functionalism that crime is
blamed on the

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Persons who have violated
the criminal law by engaing
in muder etc are called__

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Technically, crime is
composed of two elements;
the act itself and ___

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High division of labour is a
charcteristic of ____

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Physiological, psychological
social as well as
_factors are important in
determing why an individual
comits crime

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Skyes defines criminlogy as
the study of the social
origins of criminal law, the
administration of criminal
justice the causes of
criminal behaviour and the
_and control of crime

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A violation of criminal law
constitutes a violation of the

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The cultural transmission
theory was postulated

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The three elemments of
social norms are folkways,
__and laws

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Sutherland and Crassey
defined criminology as the
body of knowledge
regarding _________ and _________
as social phenomena

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_Is the process of tagging,
defining, identifying,
segregating, describing,
emphasising and evoking
the traits that are
complained of

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Little division of labour is a
characteristic of

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Differential association
theory is refered to as

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Ceasare Lombroso is
an___ Physician

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The eighteenth century
understanding of crime
emphasises the
omnipresent temptation to
which all human kind was

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Durkhiem identified two
types of societies, these are
__and organic solidarity

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The control theory of crime
was propounded by___

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Deviance on the other hand
is the violation of folkways

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The proponent of labelling
theory is

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Persons whose actions
gave way for the conditions
of their victimization are
refered to as ___

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The feminists are of the
view that crime arises

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Stigmatization leaves the
deviants with the
impression that he is bad,
and so he does ______

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Anomie as a concept was
used in relation to the
causes of crime by__

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Penology deals with an
aspect of the criminal
justice process known

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Persons who have not been
known or detected are
refered to as criminals___

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Sociologists see the
breakdown of ________ as the underlying cause of
social problems

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Three basic body types
were distinguished as signs
of criminality, these are;
mesomorphs, ectomorphs

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Drop -outs, drug adicts and
area boys can be likened to
___ according to the mode
of individual adaptation

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A violator of folkways
undergoes a
__Where he viiolates the
expected social behaviours
of defined roles

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Criminology is best seen as
a social science which is
concerned with the aspects

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The marxist beleives that
crimnal behaviour arises
from the wider ________
Or social structure of
politiccal economy

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The social reaction to the
initial action is called

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The main focus of the
feminist criminologist is on

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Persons who have been
tried and convicted for
particular offences by law
courts whether or not the
offenders have committed
the offences alleged are
called criminal by___

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The theroy of punishment in
the 18th century stated that
punishment should be
__With crime committed

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Criminality is used for
behaviour that violates
laws, while Perversion is
assigned to behaviour that
does not conform to

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The psychoanalytic school
believe that crime and
delinquency are a
consequence of imbalance
__Factors of the sub
conciouse mind

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These psychoanalysis
factors are___, ___ And___

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The interractionist
criminology is based on the
basis of Erving___Analysis
of crime

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To study crime, the
criminologist tries to identify
the individual and the

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The term Con-men in crime
refers to ___

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The interractionist theorists
believe that behaviour
should be regarded not so
much in terms of what it
means to others and
society in general but what
it means to ___

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Penology is the study of
penal sanctions or ______

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Shaw and Mckay are of the
view that___ influence
individual behaviour to
either commit crime or
abstain from crime

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A violation of criminal law
constitutes a violation of the

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The labelling approach to
crime is first based on the
assumption that for
someone to be called
deviant, that person must
have broken a _________

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Social norms are concrete
behavioural rules or
guidelines that specify
appropriate and

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__is always the result of
deviant behaviour

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Crime is said to be
functional when the society
has a
characteristics and proper
actions of a social

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Psychoanalysis theory
opined that Crime is as a
result of ____ Factors

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Corrupt practices like
bribery and extortion are

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Categories of crime are;
victimless crimes, property
crimes and___

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The labelling approach to
crime is also based on the
assumption of _______

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Criminologists recognises
what determines and why
individuals commit crime
and juvenile delinquency as
well as the steps
neccessary in

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Victimology is the study and
of victims of crime

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An initial action committed
by an individual is called

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Marx claims that crime is
the product of

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The attempt to achieve a
culturally approved goal by
unconventioanl means is

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Law is an act or ommission
in violation of criminal law
committed without defence
or justification and
sanctioned by the state as
a felony or misdemeanor.
This definition was given by

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According to Emile
Durkhiem (1893), crime is
as a result of a neccesssary
consequence of the
existence of a collecctively

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Criminology means the
scientific understanding of
___and ___

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The differential association
theorists beleive that
criminal behaviour is a___

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___ criminology is the basis
of Sigmund Freud's
analysis of crime.

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The feminist crime
therefore arises from
frustration, sub-service

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The functionalists beleive
that it is the abnormal
functioning of the
components of the society
that leads to criminal

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is of the school of

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The theory of human
ecology was postulated

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The most significant of the
classical school of thought
was the idea of _____

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The "Atavists" or genetic
remnants of the primitive
humanity find it difficult to
be law abiding because
they are___

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Criminalistics is the
methods of investifation

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The central point of the
symbolic interractionist
theory is that criminal
behaviour should be
regarded not so much in
terms of what it means to
others and society in
general but what it means
to the _____

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The norms that are looked
upon by the members of a
society or a group within
the same society as being
extremly important and the
violation of which will
normally result in severe
punishment from the
society or group is called

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Symbolic interractionism is
based on the study of ___
And ___

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Theoretical basis of the
school of thought in
criminology can be grouped
under; psychoanalysis,
feminism and ___________

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In the course of defining
crime, Emile Durkhiem
divided law into 2 parts;
criminal laws and

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These theorist claim that
the mesomorphic body
types were more likely

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Instinct gratification
represents the _______
of the sub concious mind

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The component of the sub
concious mind that
mediates between the
contrasting needs of the id
and superego is

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The marxists believe that
criminal behaviour arises
from the wider social
conditions or social
structure of___economy

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The functionalist theory
sees society as a___

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Cesare Lombroso argued
that criminals are born__

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Empiricle research is done
for analysing
with regards to arrest,
convictions and sentencing

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The question often asked in
criminology is "why do
some peole commit crime
and ________

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Crime is said to be
dysfunctional when the
its capacity to provide for
the well being of its

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Transgressors of mores
face the inposition of
shame, ostracism and

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If the id or superego over
powers the mediating force

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Offences universally
accepted everywhere and
at all times as crime is

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The concept of alienation
was used by___

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Strain theory portrays a
deviant as a person torn

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A student who knows that
he/she has an examination
but goes to night parties
instead of reading and
decided to cheat in order to
pass is refered to as a___

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In the above definition the
emphasis is on the function
of law and the efficacy of
the administration of justice
in the
_And control of crime

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Crimes are classified
according to the ___ of the

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The major player in the
Marxist school of thought

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The study that refers to how
organisms of different
species can live together to
their mutual benefit is

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The proponent of the
feminist perspective is__

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An active player in the
functionnalist school of
thought is___

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Vulnerable group of the
victim of crime refers to___

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A person who has suffered
from emotional,
psychological, economic
and social loss is called__

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Living a conventional life
involving acceptance of
both cultural goals and
cultural means depicts___

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Another name for
"undetected offender infact" is criminals___

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The major branches of
criminology are penology,
victimology, criminalistic,
empiricle research, method
of investigation and ________

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An example of victimless
crime is___

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are approved ways of
behaviour which are
passed from one
generation to another

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The branch of criminology
that is concerned with the
scientific study of victims is

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Some criminals are
clasified as _______ by the positivist school of

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One of the authors of the
psychoanalytic theory is

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Where criminal youths are
closely connected with
adult criminals, it is said to
be a criminal___

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Criminologists usually focus
more on 'how, and why'
Crimes are committed
rather than
__And providing proof of

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Victims who are regarded
by the larger society as fullfldged members but are
discriminated against are
called socieconomically__

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The componenet of the sub
concious mind that
represents morality and
conscience is

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Offences that are
pronounced illegal because
the laws of a particular
society have declared it so,
is called___

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Differential association
theory was propounded

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Social groups create
deviance by making rules
which if violated constitutes
deviance and by attributing
those reules to a particular
person and labelling him as

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Cesare Lombroso (1836-
1909) was credited for his
develoopment of___

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