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Adolescents who do not
have a stake on conformity
sometimes join ______

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There are ____ principal sources of crime statistics

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According to Merton, drug
abuse causes __________

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crimes against the person

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Almost anything that youth
does that others do not like
is called

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By section 30 of the
Nigerian criminal code, a
person under the age of
years is not criminally
responsible for an act or

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The ___approach regards
delinquency as fighting with
siblings, destruction of
property, stealing of money
from the family members

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Aichhorn discussed the
situation above as a
balance between the
‘pleasure’ principle and the
_____ principle.

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The roots of delinquent
behaviour is to delve into
the individual’s background
such as these except___

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According to the
psychological view,
adolescence is
characterized by______

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According to
shaming may go further to
stigmatize the person

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prescribe and proscribe
legal activities and stipulate
penalties for the violation of

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The family courts were first

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when people define
situations as real they
become real in their
consequences” was quoted

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Cocaine is called ________
or blow in Nigerian streets

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For mead, an objective selfme means

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___ defined crime as a
behaviour that shocks the
sentiments of all “healthy”

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An unresolved ____
complex may murder his
father or commit a symbolic
act of sexual intercourse
with his mother

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Formal norms and
sanctions are _____.

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The____ is the major factor
by the lineages from which
people derive their primary

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According to Mead and
Cooley, society is possible
because of communication
involving shared

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In girls, the growth spurts in
first menstrual period
(Menarche) is between

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The material that is
intended to arouse people
sexually by portraying
sexual matters in visual or
verbal terms is ____

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Social structure is the
widely used term for
______ organization.

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Barbiturates is an example

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The process of helping a
criminal to attain or regain
his potential as a citizen is

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The exponent of the
Realist School who sees
law as an expression of the
state through the court is

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The law that guaranteed
children not to be subjected
to unlawful arrest or
deprivation of liberty is
contained in

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defines delinquency as any
act, course or conduct, or
situation which might be
brought before the court
and adjudicated

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The concept of _______
philosophy which states
that the state acts as the
benevolent parent to
assume responsibility for
the care of the children.

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Once children are labeled
delinquent, they become

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where the social patterns,
interests and attitudes of
the peer group differ
considerably from the
parents, we call it ______

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Marcia called Adolescence
as a period with ________.

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The formal norms and
sanctions are evident in the
forms of these three

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According to Durkheim the
social cohesion represents
a collective
in the society

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Criminal justice is the
criminal procedures and
array of activities which
have to do with the
of the body of law

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That which defines
expected or appropriately
behavior for particular
situations lack specificity to
how and when they apply is

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The definition of offences
states the
acts such as murder, sexual
assault, robbery, or theft.

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The variety of crimes may
be committed against the

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Municipal law and
international law are
classified based on its
limitations in law

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The criminal justice process
of an alleged offender is
dealt on the trial, and
of the offender

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The concept of delinquency
was viewed in
different perspectives

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Probation comes from the
latin word probare, which

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Aichhorn establishes that
every child is at first and
_____ being

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In the UNconvention on the
Right of a child defines the
age of a child as anyone
who is from

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At the end of the NigeriaBiafra War in ______, the
nation experienced an
increase in violent crimes.

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Retreatism refers to

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The penal code which is
applicable in the Northern
states of Nigeria stipulates
that sexual intercourse with
a girl below the age of
years is rape, and attracts
life imprisonment.

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Delinquent behaviour is
divided into two
categories.One of them is

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According to Cloward and
Ohlin criminality is
prominent on the

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The conditions must be
present in order for a
charge of embezzlement to
be relevant are ___

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Give a dog a bad name

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Coroner is one of other
sources of

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The criminal procedure Act
(CPA) cap.43 LFN 1958
operates in the

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The constitution that
interpreted to forbid any
criminal law to violates
fairness and equality of a
person’s right is

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The act of restraining a
criminal from taking certain
actions is known as

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The social problem in which
a significant number of
people find faults with the
behaviour of children in the
society is called

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The constitutional law,
administrative law, criminal
law, revenue law are
examples of

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The eye for an eye and
tooth for a tooth concept of
punishment is

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A juvenile may be placed
for a specified period with a
maximum of
years under the supervision
of probation officers

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The ____approach looks at
a wide range of disruptive
behaviours that may involve
aggression towards others.

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The United Nations
convention on the rights of
the Child states
Article______ shall protect
children from sexual
exploitation and abuse.

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The _______ viewed
juvenile delinquency as an
offence against God and
God’s law.

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justice may be the model
that best serves alternative
sanctions to crime

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birds of a feather flock
together means______

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The law making, conviction,
sentencing and
administration of penalties
are complex process for
_punishment of offenders

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The social habits and
repetition, which become
the basis of an order of
social behaviour is _____

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_approach considers
persons under the age of
18 to be juvenile. However,
when children under this
age commit serious crime
such as murder, they may
be prosecuted as adults

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Property crimes involve the

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The child who demands
direct primitive instinctual
satisfaction without regard
for the world around him

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Informal airing of disputes
involving kinsmen and
friend of the litigants

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In 1970, after the Nigerian –
Biafran war, there was an
ever-increase rates of crime
which prompted the
government to introduce

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The criminal justice system
takes revenge on the
offender through a process
known as

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The author
was the exponent that all
children are by nature evil

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are drugs which diminish
the awareness of sensory
impulses, especially pain,
by the brain

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Corporate lineages play a
dormant role in most small
scale ______ societies.

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According to ______,
delinquency behaviour is

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The drugs are used to
increase energy and
fighting spirit are_____

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The positivists
distinguished between
physical laws and

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These mechanisms such as
socialization, public opinion,
corporate lineages, familial
systems and moots is
associated with_____

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crimes against public order
include these, except___

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when a person already has
a bad reputation, it is
difficult to change it
because others will
continue to blame or
suspect him, i.e.____

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In Northern Nigeria, the
penal code,Section______
advocated for Indecent
treatment of girls under 16

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According to ____ the
denial of responsibility is
one of the neutralization
techniques in which people
refuse to be held personally
accountable for one’s

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The process of preparing
both the community and
offender for the offender’s
return is

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The law which defines
offences as well as the
rights and duties of citizens

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That process which brings
about conformity to
society’s norms and law

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One means by which
corporate lineages exert
reaction over its members
is _______.

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are drugs that stimulate the
central nervous system and
alter the state of the user

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The parens patriae doctrine

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The depressants otherwise
are drugs that have effects
on the brain

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When a prosecutor decided
to take no further action to
a case such action is
known as

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The shaming process of
returning the offender was
advocated by

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common law is developed
by courts from the common
customs and practices in

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The criminal code in section
is very clear on the offence
of abduction, enticement
and inducement.

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The theory has a number of
roots on the idea of W.I.
Thomas that “when people
define situations as real
they become real in their

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The Juvenile court is
otherwise known as
court because of its
paternalistic philosophy

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The barbiturates and mild
tranquilizers are called
______ pills

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According to the
author_____,among the
youths marijuana is the
second most common drug
abused after alcohol .

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Family relationships are
built around ________ and
control of activities

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Technically, probation,
which may be granted only
by the court, is a form of

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Borstal is one of the
approved institutions where
is sent for correction

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The ____ approach regards
delinquent behaviour as
that which interrupts or
disturbs classroom learning

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The _____ force is the
primary points of contact
between the population and
the criminal laws.

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The concept of differential
association theory as
propounded by __

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Opportunities to learn to
commit crime are
associated with the _____
organization of a

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crimes against property

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The family courts were first
established in the _______
in 1910

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The law of contract,
property law, tort, family law
and succession,
commercial law, equity and
trust, etc. are examples of

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The concurrent list in
Nigeria is one of the

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In Lineages,those who
behave as the society
expects them to behave are
likely to receive the best
plots of ____

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Those who broke rules but
have never been caught or
officially labeled are the

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level of legislation is made
up of the state house of
assemblies and local

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Shaming is defined as a

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The punishment such as
punishment is not
recognized by Nigerian
secondary and tertiary
institution and courts today

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Crime committed by a
person of respectability and
high social status in the
course of his occupation is
called _______

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The concept of Anomie as
a form of sociological
interpretation of Crime and
Delinquency is linked to

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The greatest contributor to
the development of
psychoanalytic theory

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The criminal code, section
cap 77 laws of the
Federation of Nigeria 1990
make it an offence to defile
a girl.

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law is the command of a
political sovereign to a
political inferior, which is
backed by sanction upon
disobedience was
advocated by

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Alarmists view of the family
and its impact on
delinquency is based on

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operant conditioning is
drawn from the field of

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According to ____, the
prison is a total institution.

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The United Nations
convention on the rights of
the Child states
Article______ shall protect
the child from all forms of
maltreatment by parents

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The refrigerant that damage
and increase skin cancer
risk is called

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Indeed gossip, ostracism,
rumour, derision are all
powerful corrective
measures for reforming
______ behaviour.

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The positivists ideology was
characterised by

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offences are those offences
or act which would not be
considered as an offence if
it is committed by an adult

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when a juvenile court
sentences a juvenile, the
offender must be admitted

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The principal enactments of
the law are the criminal
procedure Act (CPA) and

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Durkheim introduced the
concept of Anomie derived
__word meaning “without

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The focus point of
rehabilitation perspective is
on how punishment can be
used to
the offender’s behavior.

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Cannabis is obtained from
the Indian hemp plaint
called ______

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No child shall be subjected
to torture, cruel treatment or
punishment, unlawful arrest
or deprivation of liberty is
contain in
UN Article

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Any criminal law that
conflicts with the various
provisions of the
constitution will definitely be
challenged in the

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According to___ community
is the agent for the
internalization of values,
ideas, beliefs and customs
through the process of

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otherwise called sedative or
hypnotics are drugs that
have effects on the brain

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rotten apples spoil the
barrel means______

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where the child stimulates
social adjustment by
suppressing his instinctual
wishes so that a state of
latent delinquency arises is
called ____

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Merton noted that the
society places enormous
emphasis on the pursuit of
material success

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The juvenile court
reaffirmed and extended on
the ______ doctrine

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The United Nations
convention on the rights of
the Child states
Article______to make every
effort to prevent the sale,
trafficking and abduction of

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These are violent crimes

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The federal level is consists

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Section ____of the 1979
constitution of Nigeria
covers the right to fair
hearing which also includes
the presumption of

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The youths who are not
able to achieve success are
most likely to choose

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Informal social control is
associated with _______

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The drugs which diminish
the awareness of sensory
impulses, especially pain,
by the brain are called

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The family courts deal with
laws that are family-related
as well as issues of ______

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