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allows the rich
nations and corporation to get richer
because they have the capital and power
to enforce trade agreements that favour
their interest

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The recomendation of licensing of PSC
has to be made by

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Private security personnel and
fundamental to the successful governance
of the company.

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Security officers are often trained to
perform arrest and control procedures, as
well as operate emergency equipments

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The type of conflict that is internal to an
individual and perharps the most difficult to
analyse and manage is called

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Conflict arising from the need to manage
the interdependence between different
organizational sub-units is called

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As a general rule, specialization increases
workers productivity and ______________

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The copying of copy righted materials by
unauthorized means is known as

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_is an
unauthorized access or intrusion into a
computer system.

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_______allows management to devise
standard procedures for subordinates to

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Is the process
of distributing authority throughout an

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is the
retention of decision-making authority by a
high-level manager

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In addition to providing the framework for
effectively selecting private security
officers, the Ministry of Interior
and_____________on Guidelines calls for
a formal mechanism to establish minimum
training requirements certified by a
regulatory body

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___________is saddled with the
responsibility of managing and controlling
of information.

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The largest foreign or non-indigenous
private security company in Nigeria is

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A crucial element of security management
is coordinating the many
_____________Within and outside the firm
so that the organizationn runs smoothly

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The legal powers, rights and
_of private
security personnel are obscurely and
confusingly located across a range of fields

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External threat to security resulting from
inetrnatiional hostilities and aggression that
characterized the cold war era has been
replaced with

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Is the
unauthorized recording of a musical
broadcast on radio, television or a live

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The regulation and licensing of PSC fall
under the jurisdiction of the ministry of

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The first private security company
providing uniformed guards in Nigeria was
established in the year

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PI Kits Includes DVR Kits, survellance kits

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One of the basic understanding of the
is that they
may not get all they need to do their work

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Law enforcement use the private sector's
specialized knowledge and

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The types of conflict are; intrapersonal
conflict, interpersonal conflict and

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can be
described as that aspect of security
designed purposely to provide protection
for specific infrastructure particularly those
infrastructure considered critical

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Clerical and cleaning jobs are done by

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The structure of a security business must
be consistent with its

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Advantages of the Private Security Industry
include the following except ___________

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Private security have access to the
community through
__communincations technologies

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Private security companies operating
without licences and witout regard to
standard and basic security principles is
refered to as

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Using technologically advanced listening
devices, eaves dropping can be done on
traditional telephone lines and even

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Law enforcement can prepare private
security to assist in

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The Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps is
headed by the _____________

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The oldest of these private security
associations is

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In direct response to the government's
decision to increase the licence fees for
guarding companies, other assocications
were founded in

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The private security addresses the ability
or neglect of the
_to provide
protection for its citizens

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The Nigeria security and civil defense
corps (NSCDC) was formally referred to as

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The unauthorized duplication of sounds or
images only from a legitimate recording is

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Risk management are principally
concerned with the protection and
conservation of corporate

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Cetralization is the retention of decisionmaking authority by a

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The task of protection is complex and
aggravated by
_.and international terrorism

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PGCs stands for

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The descriptive term which implies triming
of small amount of money from many
sources and diverting these slices into
one's own or accomplice's acount is called

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Both _____________and_____________is
compulsory for security guards

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private security companies
_____________ Serve as sources of
intelligence gathering

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The US on foreign policy and the
consequent campaign against terrorism,
brought about the need for the
reinforcement of the Us military forces in
fighting wars in the name of combating

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CCTV is used for more security coverage
in place of ________________

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Spying is also referred to as

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___________is essentially an exhaustive
physical examination of the premises and a
thorough inpsection of all operational
systems and procedures

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Armoured car guards usually protect

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Two way radios are portable equipments
used mainly by security officers in the
course of their duty. This is used mostly
because it is

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The type of conflict that arises in a dyadic
relationship is known as ____________

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In cases of riot where groups engage in
wanton destruction of lives and properties,
it is not nessasry for private security
guards to in
dislodging the rioters and resolve conflict.

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Intrapersonal conflict leads

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Private security can also be divided into
proprietary services

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Security personnel also perform
_____________ Control at the building
entrances and vehicle gates

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PMCs provide specialized services that
_advice and training

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CCTV means_____________

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The job of an administrator in an
organization is defined to include planning,
conflict management and ____________

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An Example of a threat which can damage
infrastucture is __________

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As a result of the private security guards'
inability to carry firearms,
compulsorily a part of their operations.

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___________is a Protective service
provided by one entity, specializing in such
services, to another entity on a
compensated basis

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As Stemming (1988) argues for the
commercial user of private security, any
policing strategy must be proven

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This security association focuses on
training and

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The framework of jobs and departments
that make up any organization must be
directed towards achieving the

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Cameras Includes Body Worn Cameras,
Bullet Cameras, and ____________

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These specific and confused forms are
and bootlegging

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The organizational chart describes the
command and responsibilities of officers of
a Security firm

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The Institute for Security and Open
Methodologies (ISECOM) defines security
as "a form of protection where a separation
is created between
_and the

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The first private security outfit providing
uniformed guards in Nigeria is

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One of the operationalization of riskmanagement alternatives include

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Besides bonuses for time spent with the
company, a further series of additional
payments are expected to be added to the
basic salary package except _________

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refers to the security departments that exist
within businesses or corporations

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The basic guard training covers chapters
related to the basic legal framework,
security procedures, health

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The security of hardware and its
componenets are essential for the overall

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Staff with various positions are otherwise
known as _____________

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The fundamental human rights declaration
came into eistence as a result of revolution

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Private security can develop relationships
so that private practitioners know whom to
contact when they need help or want to
report and

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Many security officers are expected to
have _____________ Threat training and
emergency crisis training.

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Generally human insecurity has been one
of the major factors that have been a
serious threat to

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Another important reason for the growth of
private security sector is that of

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According to Sutherland (1939) white collar
crime is defined as an offence committed
by a person of a respectability and high
social status in the course of his or her

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Security checklist is usually the backbone
of the security

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Private Security Companies serve as an
additional _____________ Resource in the
fight against crime

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Private security can coordinate plans with
the public sector regarding evacuation,
transportation, food and saving lives

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In Nigreia, the private guards act of 1986
prohibits privae security companies from

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A good hybrid system consists of

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Example of critical infrastructure include

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According to_____________, “Human
rights represent demands or claims which
individuals or group make on society, some
of which are protected by law, while others
remain aspirations to be attained in future.

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In the realm of security affairs, states still
claim the prerogative of creating and

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List of other services that PSCs and PMCs
provide include

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Security threats involve not only
conventional foes such as nation-states but
also non-state actors such as

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Coordination is the bedrock of the

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Information security can be defined as a
means of protecting information from any
illegitimate access and use, theft ,
amendment or malicious attacks or

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The number of people who report to one
manager or supervisor is called

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One of the problems facing private security
guards in Nigeria is __________

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This trend has been followed in
_____________especially where the state
lack the technical know-how so far as
security matters are concerned.

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system is the
combination of property management and
contractual line services

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The private security sector is divided into
two categories; Private Military Companies

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Magna Carta of England (1215), the United
State Declaration of Independence (1776),
the French Declaration of the Rights of
man and the citizen (1789), the American
Bills of Rights and the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights are all
connected to the struggle for

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According to the National Legal Systems
'regular' private security guards operate
under governance of the ministry of

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As crime remains a high priority issue,
many turn to_____________or their

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Sources of conflict in an organization is
divided into 3, these are structural conflict,
role conflict and ___________

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On the otherhand,
are those
operations provided by a professional
security company that contracts its
services to a company

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A critical on-site examination to ascertain
the present security status, identity deficits
or excess, determine the protection need
and make _________ recommendations to
immprove the overall security of the

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___________is reposible for the integrity of
the information disseminated throughout
the company system

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Proprietary security operations are those
that are " _" or
controlled entirely by the company
establishing security for its operations

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There are at least
private security associations in Nigeria

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The unauthorized recording of the prerecorded sounds as well as the
unauthorized duplication of original art
work, label, trademark and packaging is

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The expansion of private
In Nigeria and
Africa generally is a key factor in the
growth of private security both in size and

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Spying involving corporation is known as

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A second critieria for obtaining license to
perform private guarding activities is

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If two sub-units in an organizational system
have differentiated goals and are
functionally interdependent, conditions
exist for conflict which is called

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The concept of risk management allows
risks to be handled in a _____________
Manner using long held management

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The purpose of any private security
company or any private instijtution is first
and foremost the concern on how to

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The ways of managing organizational
conflict is called

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In the organograme of the NSCDCs the
least officer is called ____________

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The four basic components of
organizational structure include job
specification, departmentalization,patterns
of authority and

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Equipment that is not carried by security
officers but which many officers have in
their vehicles for maintening crime scene is

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On the other hand, delegating jobs
increases the need for
managerial_____________ and

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Is a crime
which is nonviolent but the end could be

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One of the reasons for the growth
eperienced in the private security sector in
recent times is _____________

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The computer program that replicate
themselves and harm the computer system
on a network without the knowledge of the
system is called

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An application for licence shall be
accompanied by such fee as the
_____________may prescribe

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The structural organisation of security firms
can be classified depending on the

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Piracy takes
_specific and often confused forms

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Quality Circle' is a concept which
emphasises increase in

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Private security personnel are in reality not
different from ordinary

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Audio Equipment: Includes Analog

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Audio Equipment: Includes Analog and

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PI Kits Includes DVR Kits,
_____________and, Sunglass Kits,

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One of the basic criteria for obtaining
license to perform private guarding
activities is

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_____________is a company which, for
itself or under contract with
another,transports currency, securities,
valuables, jewellery, food stamps, or any
other item that requires secured and
insured delivery from one place to another
with armed personnel.

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Blasting and carrying away of the entire
safe are the methods most commonly used

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Private security officer is required to make

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compulsory for security guards

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A rational and orderly approach as well as
comprehensive solution to problem
identification and probability determination
is called

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Many trained security officers carry
weapons such as

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Improvement in security requires changing
old perceptions and

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Halogen security company limited was
incorporated in _____________

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Private security can "force multiplier"

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Cognitive strategies of coflict management
is otherwise called _____________

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Is a state of
disagreement over a particular issue or
group of issues over which there is conflict
between workers and employers

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Self defence, crime combat, escort/public
security are some of the arguements for
the carriage of arms by

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A good risk management program involves
_____________ Basic steps

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Risk identification is to make the task of
risk analysis more _____________ By
establishing a base from which to proceed

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Act (Cap 367) of
Guides the
licensing, control and adminstration adn
prohibited activities offences and penalties
rregarding PGCs.

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The consequences of the provision of
security by the private sector are global,
involving the formulation of basic premises
of international _____________politics.

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Conflcits arising from sets of prescribed
behaviour is called ___________

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