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_________ involves a liaison between existing private and public organizations each of which is able to contribute highly specialized services or facilities to the common enterprise, which is usually of major industrial significance.

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The objective of promotion is described as ______

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_________ are essentially one-time venturers who having established their autonomous enclaves, will simply act to maintain them into the indefinite future.

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__________ is especially committed to continual elaboration of his enterprise, but this requires maintenance of the structural foundations as well.

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________ is a partner who had retired from the partnership leaving his capital in the business as loan, which attracts interest varying with the profit.

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________ is usually engaged in the provision of intangible products which cannot be seen or felt.

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Goods purchased in huge quantity from producers and resell to retailers is known as ____________

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Anything that can be offered to the market for attention, acquisition or consumption, including physical objects, services, personalities, organizations and desires is called a____

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 _________ is the part of a product that gives utility or satisfaction to the consumer.

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_________is the process of buying and selling of goods

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____ a form of business where two or more parties come together to undertake a particular business transaction for a common benefit.

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____ is the organization of a firm ‘s resources to meet the needs of customers or potential customers profitably.

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Distribution is the movement and handling of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption. True/False

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Commercial activities are classified as____________

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 ________ may be structured in many forms, including sole proprietors, for-profit and not-for-profit firms, non-governmental organizations, youth groups, community organizations, and more.

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_________ is the pricing method whereby a predetermined percentage is added to the cost of a product in order to determine its price.

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__________ is the physical nature of a product upon which competition is made.

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_______are samples, coupons, push money, discount, specialties, competition, exhibition etc

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 _________ is a pricing strategy whereby a high price is set on a product in order to enhance the quality or image of the product-line.

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__________ is the technique of pricing based on the manufacturing cost and the allocated operation overheads of the product.

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_________ involves the purchase of goods from foreign countries to be sold in the home country.

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The type of partnership business where the liability of members is hot restricted to their investment. is known as ________

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 If the goods are used for further production of wealth they are called _________

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 _________ involves the purchase of local goods to be sold in foreign countries.

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_________ of Companies will issue a Certificate of Incorporation

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_______ is the relationship, which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit

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 __________ is the capital requirement of a firm by the registrar of companies or the corporate Affair of a business.

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 _________ business that is formed and owned, by one man and members of his immediate family.

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Private companies have minimum of two and a maximum of _____ persons

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Organizations do NOT contribute to the present standards of living of people worldwide.

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Elkington and Hartigan (2007) define ______ models for social ventures.

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Partnership is a form of business owned by a minimum of two and a maximum of _______ persons

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Where the actual cost of the product is equal to or greater than the estimated price, an adjustment could be made which is known as __________

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Examples of convenience goods are bread, biscuits, pure water, newspapers, chew-gum etc. True OR False ____

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__________ involves the coordination of human and material resources toward objective accomplishment.

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___________ is an offer of shares to the public, and must also be sent to the Registrar of Companies.

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__________ venture the entrepreneur uses external partners for financial support in providing a public good.

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The purchase of goods or services from the wholesalers and selling in small quantity to the ultimate consumers is known as ________

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Interactive process between a seller and a potential buyer for exchange transaction of goods and services ___________

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Shell Petroleum Development Company and the Nigerian Government is an example of _______

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The type of venture that covers all the activities related to production and distribution of goods and services from the place of production to the final consumers with an aim to earn profit. is called _________

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_______ is the technique of pricing based on the manufacturing cost and the allocated operation overheads of the product

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_________ refers to the merging of companies to form an organized whole

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Which one of the following is NOT a disadvantage of a partnership.

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 _________ is the process of arranging and all locating work, authority, and resources among an organization�??s members so they can achieve the organization's goals.

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 The full procedure for formation, registration, and filing of specific documents and returns of companies whether private or public companies in Nigeria is NOT governed by the Companies Decree No.51 of 1968.

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 _________ business is the type of business organization that is formed without any formal authority from an existing government.

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 A firm could also fix a product price in order to promote its entire product-line.

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 _________ is a partner who has no invested capital in the business and is not involved in its management but lends his either as a result of his goodwill or public image.

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__________ concept states that a product passes through a life cycle as human beings.

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