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________ this is an evaluative phase.

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New venture creation is fraught with risk and financing of such ventures is referred to as risk capital.

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Entrepreneurs are seen as those with high need for achievement (N-arch), _____________risk takers as well as those with Internal locus of control.

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________ involves regularly reviewing mistakes in a non-recriminatory way and establishing guidelines to prevent them from reoccurring.

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Christensen and Overdorf maintain that when an organization faces the same sort of problem that its processes and values were designed to address, managing can be straightforward.

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Transformational leadership is comprised of ________ basic components.

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The cooperative societies sell their products to outsiders only in debts. True of False

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Thurley (1979) described the following _________approaches to managing change.

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Entrepreneurs often see things in a holistic sense; they can see the big pictur when others see only the parts.

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 Entrepreneurs do NOT face uncertain and irregular incomes.

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_________ is a process of engendering higher levels of motivation and commitment among followers.

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_________ patterns are determined by reinforcing and aversive stimuli present in the societal context, such rewards and punishments not being limited to the child-rearing period entrepreneurial behaviour.

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 The ________ cycle provides opportunities for continuous evaluation and improvement.

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Because of the hurdles and obstacles that must be overcome, the entrepreneur must be consistently __________________

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 ________ is the process of meeting organizational objectives, prevailing societal expectations in the near future, adapting and developing in the intermediate future, and surviving in the distant future.

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When risk associated with investment decisions are not properly evaluated, the survival of a firm will be threatened.

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One of the reasons entrepreneurs are successful is that they have imagination and can envision ________________scenarios.

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Michael Morris points out that the psychology and behavior of the entrepreneur may change as the _______________ evolves.

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_________ Quality triology emphasized the roles of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement.

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________ is action oriented and ensures that the team will implement agreed solutions and assign accountabilities and responsibilities.

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 Entrepreneurship is derived from the _______ term "entreprendre" which means to undertake, to pursue opportunities, to fulfill the needs and wants through innovation and starting businesses.

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_________ prescribed fourteen measures to cure the crisis of quality.

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Work team offers the potential and prospect for positive growth and development in the area of entrepreneurial development.

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________________argued that charismatic leader is constrained neither by tradition nor law and that his/her appeal is the very fact he/she undertakes to break the constraints imposed by established customs and roles in order to bring change.

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Which of the following is a Guideline for Effective Team Participation.

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“Successful entrepreneurs don’t have failures. They have learning ______________”.

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Which of the following is Characteristics of a Well Functioning Work Team.

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Some entrepreneur do NOT adjust to the growing business and use their skills to build a company that is strong enough to let the founder be entrepreneurial again.

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 _________ sessions focus on which ideas are likely to work and how can they be tested for verification.

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Poor investment decisions, dividend policy and other financing decisions affects the ______________of firm.

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The life of an entrepreneur is_____________. No one is sating schedules or step-by-step processes for the entrepreneur to follow.

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Entrepreneurs often decide to start their own businesses in order to avoid having a boss. True of False

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Entrepreneurship involves the creation process-creating something new of value.

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Many companies that are started by ____________go out of business few years after their establishment. These companies often fail because of poor Planning.

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__________ theory states that changes in attitudes lead to changes in behaviour.

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According to__________ the approach to strategic change is characterized a process of artfully blending �??formal analysis, behavioural techniques and power politics to bring about cohesive step-by-step movement towards ends which were initially conceived.

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Adam Smith's book titled the "the wealth of nation" was written in _________ year.

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Which one of the following is NOT a type of work-team in an organization.

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When faced with a growing company, the entrepreneur often makes a conscious decision to limit company growth or even reduce the company size.

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Which one of the following is NOT among the 3 factors that affect organizational responses to different changes according to Christensen and Overdorf.

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Appropriate commercial sales policies often do not have adverse effects that could lead to debt build up and subsequent liquidity problems. True or False

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__________________planning is an essential part of the concept of entrepreneurship and effective application helps to ensure successful operation.

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When a company engages in over expansion, short term ____________will be immobilized thereby leading to Corporate failure.

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The word entrepreneurship derived from _________ century.

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 Which one of the following is NOT among the factors affecting team building.

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 Sociological approach does not try to explain the social conditions from which entrepreneur emerge and the social factors that influence their decision to become entrepreneurs.

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High production cost can result from over Employment of both human and resources.

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Weber identified the positive change that took place in public attitudes towards entrepreneurship after the reformation in the western world and proposed that Protestantism had helped bring about this change.

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Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of Entrepreneurship.

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________and Innovation are understood as the combination of the concept of entrepreneurship.

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