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Difficulties Faced in Establishing an Entrepreneurial Culture include the followings except _________

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The entrepreneur may not necessarily be an 'inventor' but the one that can make a _____________

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Sociologist’s view of entrepreneurship is inhibited by the social system, which denies opportunities for _________ facilities

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Brainstorming. It helps in generating a large number of product _______

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_______is a great source of information, ideas and often opportunity.

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The value created by taking a resource or set of inputs, providing additional inputs or processes that increase the value of those inputs, and thereby generate a product or service that has greater market value at the next level of the value chain is referred to as _________

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Individuals with an internal locus of control believe that they are able to life events

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There are given situations where an Entrepreneur is not able to establish his or her own business and as such has to work in an

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_______ theory of entrepreneurship identifies traits, motives and personalities as the major factors that infuse the entrepreneurial spirit in an individual

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Entrepreneurs come up with great ideas that lead to creativity and ___________

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The functionality of an entrepreneur is based on some established _______

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what helps in generating a large number of product ideas is __________

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It is the responsibility of  ________ to assess the external environment of the business by critically looking at the opportunities and threats emanating from changes in the major external environmental factors

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Starting /creating a new business is a serious exercise that requires a lot of __________ and hard work

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The business environment is made up of the internal and the external environment and the main macro-environmental forces/factors found in the external environment and micro-environmental forces/factors/ in the internal environment of the _______

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A manager Scientist or researcher who works inside an existing organization and notices opportunities for product improvements etc is ______

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Passion and Motivation, Not Afraid to Take Risks, Self-belief, Hard Work and Disciplined Dedication, Adaptable and Flexible, Product and Market Knowledge, Strong Money Management, Effective Planning (Not Over-Planning) Skills, The Right Connections are the main characteristics of an ___________

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An idea once illuminated in the mind of an individual still has little meaning until verified as realistic and _______

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Business idea arises from an opportunity in the _________

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Successful entrepreneurs are good at turning ideas into ____

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A _______ business may be defined as any business in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of ownership or control lies within a family.

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The conceptual cornerstone in the theory of entrepreneurship lies on __________

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Illumination occurs when the idea surfaces as a realistic ________

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Which type of innovation is the reconfiguration of an established system to link together components and parts in a new way

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A business _________ involves sale or lease of any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser-licensee to begin a business

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The psychologist view sees an entrepreneur as someone who is being driven by certain forces that are mainly internal, personal attributes and ________

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Entrepreneurship is inhibited by the social system, which denies opportunities for creative facilities for __________

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The term Entrepreneur seems to have been introduced into Economics by ______

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The word "Entrepreneur" is derived from the French verb 'entrepredre' which means' to ­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________

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Opportunity exploitation refers to activities conducted in order to gain economic returns from the discovery of a potential entrepreneurial ______

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A business owned, financed and managed by an individual is identified as _______

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Individual with an external locus of control believe that life's _______ are the result of external factors, such as chance, luck or fate.

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The mix of norms, values and beliefs that are shared by a particular community be it a business community, a cultural (or ethnic) community, a country, or a geographical region defined as _________

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(ILO) mean ______________

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_________ activities are transactions with creditors or investors used to fund either company operations or expansions

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_________trait is defined as stable qualities that a person shows in most situations

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_________  as an entrepreneur is someone who is being driven by certain forces that are mainly internal, personal attributes and traits

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The establishment of any entrepreneurial Venture is risky and the entrepreneur has to assume ______

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________ conceives the entrepreneur as the innovator who implements change within markets through the carrying out of new combinations such as introduction of new techniques of production, reorganization of an industry and innovation.

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An entrepreneur is a dynamic person who takes calculated _____

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The economic theory of entrepreneurship is sub-divided into three namely; Classical theory, __________ and Austrian Market Process

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______ are individuals who identify public problems and apply business acumen to resolve them.

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 An entrepreneur must have good human _____________

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According to David Mc Clelland (1961), an entrepreneur is a dynamic person who takes calculated  ___________________

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Which kind of innovation changes the core design of one or more components but does not change the entire product architecture

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A technological process is a means to make and improve products and ________

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Entrepreneur was first accorded prominence by _________

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Risk Taking theory contends about one‘s willingness to accept ____.

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The Distinctive design, graphics, logo, symbols, words, or any combination thereof that uniquely identifies a firm and/or its goods or services, guarantees the item's genuineness, and gives it owner the legal rights to prevent the unauthorized use referred to _________

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The entrepreneur needs to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business __________

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