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In a defamation case earlier
decided, an accused can
as a defence.

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The word “sacred cow”
when used in the news
room means, which of
these ___

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The following except one
can best describe a lead

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A reporter must not pass
judgment means that he
should ____

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The practice whereby
journalists eagerly
condemn an issue in a
foreign country but would
not comment on same in
his is called

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A good reporter must have
nose for news This means

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Use of words such as ‘and’,
‘but’ and ‘however’ as a
bridge in writing is called

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When many reporters from
different media
organizations participate in
an interview, they are in
involved in ____

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A News story is considered
to be of good quality if it
has which of the following
qualities? ______

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If a competent court of law
orders a retraction but a
news publication still
refuses to do so, the
publication is guilty of

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Online reporting is
synonymous with Computer
Assisted Reporting;

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Broadcast news stories are
written in

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is the act of covering and
reporting from a particular
field or subject for your
media organization.

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The vice-chancellor said
the time has come “to turn
off some lights We all must
do something to conserve
electricity ” This is an
example of ___

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_____ is not when to use
direct quote to add colour
and credibility?

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---------- are similar to indepth stories

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There are no easy
classifications of news;
however in broad term, the
following except one are
the major types _____

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A bad writing will end up
where? ____

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An in-depth, thorough,
elaborate, comprehensive
and lucid report of a
specific field of journalistic
coverage is known as

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It is the duty of the
reporter to interpret the
electoral process to the

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‘INEC cannot remove Ngige
based on his expulsion
from PDP,’ said the INEC
chairman, is an example of
a news story anchored on
which of these elements?

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You can identify a poor
writing by which of the
following? ____

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An aspiring reporter is
driven by the following to
perform excellently, except

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One of the following is not a
type of interview _____

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Any act of disrespect
against the court by the
reporter is called
of the court

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The most outstanding
difference between news
writing and poetry or novel
is which of these? _____

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Open-ended questions
result in When a reporter
uses which of the following
ways to phrase his question
and achieve the desired
result in addition to other
benefits ____

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The press theory that
guides the Western world is

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A reporter that is motivated
by getting on the front page
means _____

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In criminal law, the
is the accuser?

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If you were a broadcast
editor which of these would
you consider when
selecting your news stories

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reigns in a state where
there is no law?

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To give the news a sense of
immediacy, the broadcast
newsis item should be
written in
tense, in order to give the
news a sense of immediacy
and currency.

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When journalists argue for
legislation to assist them to
source information, they are
actually asking for

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The reporter must not
editorialize. This means

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If a news medium presents
news in a way to arouse a
quick and excited reaction,
it is said to engage in

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To become a specialist
reporter, one needs a Ph.D
degree in the area of
coverage. YES/NO

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The disaster started with a
building flash Next, a
shattering roar that led to a
crumbling wall, then
breaking glass, and death
This is an example of

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Someone who has been
exposed to hatred, ridicule
and contempt by a
publication, can sue for

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In addition to his personal
style and the prevailing
style of the particular period
he is operating in, another
style the journalist must
contend with is _______

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A geographical area such
as town, or a subject area
such as science and
technology are examples of
a reporter’s

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Crime reporters are
encouraged to work closely
with which agency of

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Prize was instituted to
reward journalists who
excel in investigative
journalism, etc

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When should a reporter
conduct an interview?

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Poland, Hungary, Romania,
Czech Republic, Slovenia,
Yugoslavia, are countries
part of the world?

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Usually cannot have all the
details as at press time?

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The technical language
used in the media industry
is called _____

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Lull periods are a
challenges for the
journalist; but an
imaginative report can turn
to which of these for his
story ____

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The factors that determine
news values include some
of these…

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If an accused agrees to
plead for guilty in return for
a lesser sentence this is

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Opponents of press
freedom are known as the

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The obnoxious
_of 1984 was enacted by
General Buhari to curtail
press freedom

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Update is a type of

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A reporter should always
know that an accused is
entitled to

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Offensive and provocative
dressing by female
journalists in court premises
is not necessarily an act of
contempt of the courts.

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Broadcasters should avoid
complex sentence; instead
they should chhose

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The writing rule ‘use the
inverted pyramid forms
when writing news’ means

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Education, Politics,
Business, Economy
Science and Technology
are examples of

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Interview in journalism
parlance can be defined as

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To connect the reader back
to the original story, the
reporter uses

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To ensure accuracy in
interviews, the reporter
should do all of these
except ____

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Which of these is an
accurate definition of news?
____ It must

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The first step in a typical
court trial process in
America is called

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For Crime reporters,
information is sourced from
people involved, account of
the event and

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A reporter covering the
court if not careful is almost
likely to commit
of the courts.

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There are two types of
Beats: Topical Beat and

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The sports council is a
good information source for

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In order not to compromise
on the reputation and
credibility of the media
industry, a good reporter
must be ______

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Those who oppose the right
of the press to freedom
believe that journalists do
not need
to compel them to work

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“The bus overturned at
least three times,” the
police man said “ none of
the twenty passengers was
hurt, luckily the car did not
explode to flames,” is an
example of ___

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WHO as a news element
when used in an opening
sentence shows which of
these? _____

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courts fall under superior
courts while the magistrate
courts fall under inferior

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The giving and receiving of
transport fares to journalists
in Nigeria is not an ethical
issue. YES/NO.

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One of these is not a
general rule for news
writing and reporting ___

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The second_cycle story, the
developing story and the
update are the variants of

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In the Nigerian judicial
system, there are superior

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One of these is not a
motivating factor for
journalists to go the extra
mile ____

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In Nigeria,
Proscriptions/Closure of
media houses ended with

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is regarded as newspaper
without borders?

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Watergate scandal led to
the resignation of former
American president

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Political parties are a good
_of information for the

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In international
communication parlance
the third world is also
referred to as the

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When a reporter writes a
story that is considered to
be a breaking news his
source is categorized

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Age, Animal, Sex, Conflict,
Money, Children Beauty,
Human Interest are
examples of -

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A good reporter must abide
by these rules except ____

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Is defamation by means of
writing or by any other
permanent form.

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In Nigerian law, the
is presumed innocent until
proved guilty

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Which of these should a
reporter do if he must
manage his source to
succeed in his reportorial
assignment _____

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A media house can be
compelled to publish
as well as payment of
damages as forms of
remedies for defamation

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A story written in an
inverted pyramid format
simply means which of
these? ____

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In a typical news room, you
are likely to hear which of
these terminologies? ____

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A good writer must obey
the rule of precision. This
means _____

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---------- is what typically
differentiates a broadcast
copy from advertising copy
and from a public relations

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Journalists enjoy press
freedom in the

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The reason Inverted
Pyramid format is used in
news writing include which
of these? ____

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Some political reporters
cannot remain neutral in
political issues; they are

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A poor writing has the
following attributes except

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The following, according to
Sonaike (1987) is not a
type of lead ____

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Developing stories are
continuing stories;
help to connect parts to the

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Some elements of good
writing include____

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How does the idiom, ‘dress
how you want to be
addressed’ relate to the

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Political reporting is another
area of

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Some interviewees may
want to know why you want
to interview them, in such a
case you can do one of the
following _____

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According to Melvin
Mencher (2010), a story
must satisfy which of these
to be accepted? _____

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The major challenge of
online reporting is

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One of these is not a quality
of a good reporter? _____

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Which news element is
projected in the following
sentence, ‘A total sum of
N28billion was pumped into
the foreign exchange
market in March this year
alone by the Central Bank
of Nigeria?’ _____

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For a reporter to win the
credibility and confidence of
his readers and listeners,
he must adhere to which of
the following virtues?

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Advocates for collective
ownership of resources as
a cardinal principle in the
eastern world

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The media in the eastern
world are free to express
dissenting views. YES/NO?

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A piece of information can
be regarded as news when

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Which of the following can
be generally regarded as
poor writing ____

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A skilled interviewer should
watch out for the
interviewers emotional tone
level (ETL) by doing which
of the following in the cause
of the interview_____

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A benefit or immunity
enjoyed by someone or a
class of people which does
not apply to the general
public is called

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When a man/woman
suffers defamation through
the spoken word or gesture,
that is called

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News stories that emanate
from events such as
national celebration, budget
speech, special
anniversary, is known as

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There is no excuse for a
journalist to do a sloppy job
because he can verify
every fact by reference to
these except ___

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An essential part of
professional practice that
deals with matters of right
and wrong and is
associated with morality is

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The lead performs several
functions excluding the
following _____

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An area assigned to a
reporter as his
responsibility is known as

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