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_________stated that capitalization deals with the capital structure of a business in relation to the amount of equity, its composition and changes in it.

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______is an individual who is known to the public as a partner but who does not take active part in the management of the firm.

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The _________concept holds that the key achieving organizational goals consists in determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors

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Hornby (2006) defined __________as the process or stimulating the interest of people to do something

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A high level of Literacy rate is a major condition in _____________marketing

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Capitalization of income, method of valuation is the procedure for determining the ____

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The ________concept holds that consumers, if left alone will ordinarily not buy enough of the organization’s products

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______________ refers to a short-term arrangement where both the buyer and seller have an interest in providing a more satisfying exchange. 

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A _____is a credit granted to any business organisation with a view to defer payment for the goods received for a specific period of time.

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 ________ function is to provide logistics that delivers the products cost-efficiency on a timely basis. 

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_________is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.

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_________consists of members’ deposits, loan from cooperative banks, loan from government and trading credits.

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____________ is defined as those activities, benefits, or satisfactions which are offered services for sale, or are provided in connection with the sales of goods. 

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_______is the type of structure much pronounced in the military organisation where scalar principle is practiced.

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__________is defined as the act or process of growth, progress and improvement within a physical setting.

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There are ______ steps in decision-making model.

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Since no company can operate in every market and satisfy every need, there is need for market ________________. 

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____________is used when a new product is introduced into a market in which there are no competitors. 

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Toyota and Honda companies use the ________concept for their brands of cars for Nigeria markets.

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 _____________ concept indicates that consumers are primarily interested in product quality, and know the quality and feature differences amongst the competing products. 

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_________is an organisation where some specialist functions have developed.

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______ is the document that regulates the activities of the partnership business.

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______states that disinterest in the formal economy reflects the status of Nigeria's policies and tax regime, which have long been deemed detrimental to the growth of viable enterprises.

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_______________concept believes that organizations, while focusing on consumer satisfaction, should reconcile such objective with social and environmental considerations. 

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_________is made up of the share contribution of members plus the reserves of all types, undistributed profits and the members’ entrance fees

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The three core areas of corporate strategy are strategic analysis, strategic development and ______

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The source of new product can either be internal or ______________.

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Services often cannot be separated from their__________. 

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____________is a pattern of living adopted by an individual.

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_____is the type of partner(s) who take active part in the formation, financing and management of the business.

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Financial institutions because it has the same nature of service must be creative and ___________ to market needs.

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Financial institutions are most often described as being ________ in nature.

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___________concept believes that consumers can be induced to buy more through various sales stimulating devices. 

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There are ______functions in marketing

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________partner is not involved in managing of the business and doesn’t receive salary

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__________ differentiation is often adopted when a company is faced with competition. 

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 ________________ should be done in such a way that the brand name must attract the attention of customers.

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_________theory is made up of motivator factors and hygiene factors

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A _______is that who is active in the affairs of the business but not known to the public as a partner

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 A firm that uses ___________ sets a price only slightly higher than the cost of the product. 

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Marketing came into Nigeria banks after ____ not in form of application of the marketing concepts but inform of advertising and after promotional concepts. 

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The ______concept holds that consumers would favour products that are available and highly affordable.

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Financial services are the economic services providers by the ________.

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________aims at dividing a large heterogeneous market into homogenous groups or segments, and developing a marketing mix that will appeal directly and efficiently to buyers in each.

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In _____ the marketer offers one product or uses one blend of marketing mix to serve the whole market.

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_______is an association of two to twenty persons carrying on a business in common with the view of making profit

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______theory is made up of physiological, safety or security, social affiliation, esteem and self- actualization needs),

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The first step in the marketing process is ________

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_______________ is defined as anything that has the capacity to produce the satisfaction use or perhaps, the profit desired by the customer”.

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________ provides value for the people involved in the organisation

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