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Forces are called coplanar when all of them acting on body lie in one _____.

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According to principle of moment, if a system of coplanar forces is in equilibrium, then the algebraic ____of their moments about any point in their plane is zero

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The _____of oscillations of a particle in simple harmonic motion is damped by resistive forces due to the surrounding medium.

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A wire of cross-sectional area of $6times10{-5}m^{2}$ and length 50cm stretches by 0.2mm under a load of 3000N. Calculate the Young’s modulus for the wire

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Gases occupy volume of the __________.

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An object is thrown upward from the edge of a tall building with a velocity of 10 m/s. Where will the object be 3 s after it is thrown? Take $g = 10ms^{-2}$

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According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter are in motion in both gas and _____.

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 A rope suspended from a ceiling supports an object of weight W at its opposite end. Another rope tied to the first at the middle is pulled horizontally with a force of 30N. The junction P of the ropes is in equilibrium. Calculate the weight W and the tension T in the upper part of the first rope

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 In which of the following phenomena is surface tension important?

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3-vectors are only properly represented in a 3-dimensional _____.

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One of these is an example of thermal radiation detector

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The rise in the level of a liquid in a tube is h. If half the amount is poured outside, what will be the new rise in the liquid level?

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 A ball is kicked and flies from point P to Q following a parabolic path in which the highest point reached is T. The acceleration of the ball is _______

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What is common to the variation in the range and the height of a projectile?

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 The molecules of a liquid are held together by what type of forces?

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The main condition for the rigid body is that the distance between various particles of the body does not ____.

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The physical pendulum is any real pendulum in which all the mass is taken to be concentrated at a_____.

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Thermal expansion of a solid material depends on the following EXCEPT __________

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 Which of the following statements is not correct about reference frames?

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 A body hangs from a spring balance supported from the roof of an elavator. If the elavator has an upward acceleration of $3ms^{-2}$ and the balance reads 50 N, what is the true weight of the body?

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A perfectly ____ body is defined as one which emits every wavelength with the maximum energy for each wavelength for the particular temperature of the body.

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One of these is NOT a basic assumption of kinetic theory of ideal gases

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The mechanism of heat transfer from one point to another through vibration of the molecules of the medium is called -------------

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The _________ is an aggregate of point masses such as that the relative separation between any two points remains invariant

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Applied force is proportional to extension produced is a statement of ____ law.

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A passenger in a moving car and a passerby standing at the road side see each other as moving in the opposite direction. Which of the following is NOT true?

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 A cart is moving horizontally along a straight line with constant speed of 30 m/s. A projectile is fired from the moving cart in such a way that it will return to the cart after the cart has moved 80 m. At what speed (relative to the cart) and at what angle (to the horizontal) must the projectile be fired?

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Given that the specific capacity of ice is one-half that of water, does is take more thermal energy to raise the temperature of 5 g of water or 5 g of ice by $$6^{o}C?$$

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The heat required to raise the temperature of the body through 1K is called _______.

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 The motion of a ball rolling down a ramp is one with ________

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__________forces meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes.

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On what thermometric property does the working of a thermistor depend?

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Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of a particle at some _____of its path.

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Which of the following physical concepts best explains why passengers in fast moving cars should always fasten their seat-belts?

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 Which of the following is NOT an effect of heat on a substance?

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 Tin melts at 232 under standard atmospheric pressure. Express this temperature in kelvin

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The specific latent heat of vapourization of a liquid is the quantity of heat in joules required to change 1kg mass of the liquid at its _______to gas at the same temperature.

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Radius of _________ is the radial distance from any given axis at which the mass of a body is concentrated without changing the moment of inertia of the body about that axis.

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 A stone thrown from ground level returns to the same level 4 s after. With what speed was the stone thrown? Take $g = 10ms^{-2}$

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Given three vectors $vec{a} = {-}vec{i}{-}4vec{j}+2vec{k}$, $vec{b} = 3vec{i}+2vec{j}-2vec{k}$, $vec{c} = 2vec{i}{-}3vec{j}+vec{k}$, calculate $vec{a}cdot(vec{b}timesvec{c})$

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The fundamental interval of a thermometric scale is ______

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 Which of the following is NOT true?

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 A string of natural length L extends to a new length L' under tensile force F. If Hooke’S law applies, the work done in stretching the spring is ------------

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The coefficient of limiting static friction is the ratio of the ____ to the normal force.

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A mass accelerates uniformly when the resultant force acting on it

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 The trajectory of a projectile is ________

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 A boy intends to move an m-kg crate across the floor by applying a constant force P newtons on it.The coeficient of friction between the floor and the crate is $mu$. Which of these is the best option for his task?

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Calculate the root-mean-square velocity of oxygen molecules at room temperature, 25 oC. Given that molar mass of oxygen and molar gas constant are 31.9998 g/mol and 8.3143 J/mol K, respectively in meter per second.

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When the junctions of two dissimilar metals are maintained at different temperatures an electromotive force is is set up in the circuit of which these junctions are a part. A pair of junctions of this kind is known as _____________

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When an object is in thermal equilibrium, it is losing and gaining heat at ____ rates.

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